Salman Khan: The lion hearted man

Saman is a lion hearted man he concentrated on his work and this make him dedicate in bodybuilding much than before. He trains everyday and is famous for taking off his shirt in movies and stage shows alike but even than he was in a kind panic as he was grown young enough to share his feeling and moment with someone. Though he lost her love which he does not want to but it is a life in which the arrival and leaving of love ones are always there. In fact it takes times to forgot the old issues as one is bonded with it completely due to sacred love in this world of “Moh Maya”. And for Salman even definitely it took time to forgot about his love and affair but being a human when one remember about it “sometimes one feel that whatever had happened is good: job hi hota hai acche ke liye hi hota hai”. The all I can say is that young age is that part of life where each and every person needs a best friend or a partner with whom one wants to spend the rest of life in love and peace and the same situation was with the Salman. He was alone. His heart was waiting for someone to come from the heaven like an angel to hold his hand forever.

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