Salman Khan Hits

In 2009 Khan's first film, Wanted directed by choreographer turned director Prabhu Deva was declared a smash hit in its first weekend of release itself. The action film turned out to be a huge success. The movie got more recognition for its slick action sequences performed by the actor himself. And Salman was noticed with a lot of change in his dancing steps and it looked like he is completely comfortable with the dancing now. The credit for the hardwork also goes to the famous Prabhu Deva because of whom Salman stood with the awesome love and stunt role in the movie.In 2010 People Magazine, India declared him the Sexiest Man Alive. Though he is the sexiest man many girls want to marry him but it is he who want to tie a with a kind of girl he likes. Salman Khan has been entertaining Indian and overseas audience, for over two decades now. Though he has been linked with several of his co-stars, he has yet not taken the final plunge into something that can be called a bond of love that will stay for a lifetime.Salman’s marriage has always been a widely discussed topic, with his friends, media and the film industry. But the issue may not remain a question, if sources are to be believed, Salman has expressed his will to get married. And this time, he specifically wants to tie the knot only with a girl, who hails from a small town and not a city just because according to the maverick actor, who was born and brought up in Indore, the girls from his native city are warm, hospitable and a treasure house of family values. Also a source reveals, “In the past, Salman has many a times admitted that he believes in family values and also expects his life partner to be supportive of him, his family and be homeward bound.” The actor, has been often noticed commenting during the shooting of movie bodyguard that if it was possible then, he would have married at the early age of 17, but the only condition that remains his top concern is that his dream girl should be an efficient home maker.

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