Salman Khan fights

July 16, 2008

Salman apparently picked up a fight with Shah Rukh Khan at Katrina Kaif's birthday. Buzz had it that SRK cracked a joke which didn't go down well with Salman.But it does not mean that they are not good to each other. This is a life and the disputes happens in life even with the best one. Salman likes Sharukh very much also he don’t have a problem with SRK. It’s just that he don’t get along with him. He want all his films to do well. In fact, he hope that all his films do really well so that the industry does well. He should be healthy because everyday, he goes to work, and he is working for those many people who are there on the sets.

The hardwork of Salman made him stand for anything and he hosted the second season of 10 Ka Dum in year 2009 which turned out to be even more successful than his first season as the host of the game show in year 2008. The show got very high Tax Return Preparer Scheme  (TRPs) for Sony Entertainment Television (India) and according to reports, the show helped Sony TV regain its third position in the Indian television ratings. But one day when I sat with the family who were enjoying the reality show, what I see in the episode is that a lady comes to the stage to join as a contestant when she gets calls from Salman. Actually the lady was the teacher and she did not believed her eye to what she see and touched Salman many times and even she asked him wheter she is dreaming. But Salman handled the matter in the way of lady and said that she was not dreamimg rather she was standing as a contestant . The public whistle and shouted but for the lady the moment was like a dream and she touched Salman again and again and when she got satisfies about not dreaming, she cried holding Salman and really it let cry the audience also. Then after the lady stood for the questions and in between she treated Salman like a god and she said you are biggest star but Salman did not accepted it and said it the love of you people who let the stupid like me to this position, I am a man like you people in reality. And their he won the heart of audience where he resembled himself as a common man. And that is what his nature says he is a very kind hearted person.

For the next episode I sat again in front of the television and thi time my eyes finds the Salman And Katrina together. Where it was noticed that Salman treid to hide his emotions because of unfair in love between them but atlast Salman highlighted for conveying his love to Katrina where she seemed refusing. And one day when I was watching a show on the television a lady participated singer pointed Salman saying that if she would  been in a place of Ash than definitely she would have accepted the proposal the Salman. Hearing those words Salman seemed unreacted but suddenly he laughed and danced. And there I realize that how good this man is. He is really a kind hearted who never feels bad even when he had lost. All he loves the human and wanted to see everyone happy. And the belief in Salman grew much than before. It is true we cannot judge any person till we see and understands him. And to understand one it need to be understand the other one than only the understanding can grew between two.

Compromise is the best option one can always have for better understanding while without compromise the war never ends.

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