Meaning of Vedas

The Vedas is the source of wisdom. It gives the immense knowledge of life and its situation. It tells us how to go beyond any obstacles with the name of god through its hymns and prayers which were sung in the form of sweet songs in prayers and during worship. The knowledge of the Vedas goes to only those who can value it. Its power is transmitted from generation to generation and it will so in future also. Because there never will be the shortage of god lovers in this world. Also there are many tremendous people who like to find the hidden knowledge in the Holy Scriptures. The Scriptures rather giving the basic knowledge lets one to grow with secrets hidden in it. This thus is the path of life. The life for which one worries and suffer to know the truth and future rather understanding the real value of it. The Vedas is one among which let one to perform it works and to continue its good deeds and all this is possible only due to the grace of the god. I realise it and may be this is the reason that I got this opportunity to put this book in front of the readers to let them helpful in understanding the life through the knowledge of this great scriptures. Vedas says everything is possible only due to the will of the god. It is the only god who makes one fateful. He is the only who knows the good and bad very well. God is great. God is nature. God is life. I salute to the philosophers and I hope everyone does so, because he/they are the one who had generated this great knowledge from the nature by understanding its importance in mythological terms.

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