Billion Tears

There was a man who was happy even after all the obstacles come to his life. His name was ‘Ashoka’. He was great like the King ‘Ashoka’ by generosity and humanity. He helps poor, steps for one in need. He was also dedicated to the god, participates and involves in every social and religious service. As he believes that service is the work of god.

He was somewhat happy as he always tries to live the way as it comes to him due to the will of the god. But sometimes he finds himself answerless when he finds lot of pain around him. He used to live apart from his parents with his small family consists of a lovely wife and a lovely daughter. He starts his day with the lovely smile of his daughter and the served chapatti by his wife. He loves giving much time to his family. So, when he returns he never leave self alone for any occasion without them. Since he believes that all happiness is with his family only.

Today his younger brother left the town to join the new Job in abroad. Which worried ‘Ashok’ as there is only his most younger brother to be with his parents. Who used to be out all the day due to service and used to return in the late evening. ‘Ashok’ wanted to be with his parents as he wants to take care of them but since he was out of town working in a city he sometimes visits them occasionally. Though, he never failed in giving love to his parents and brothers. All he do is to believe in god ultimately. But one day when he made call to his mother. She cried like anything for his son who was abroad as he was so far that he cannot come occasionally to meet them up.’ Ashoka’ made her mother understood the meaning of life and let her realize that if one have to grow than one have to work hard and soon he was able to convince his mother. Then he looked at the sky and said

Oh god, it is me ‘Ashoka’,

The one to whom you created,

But like me there are billions,

Who prays you and makes wishes to come true,

But why everyone seems to be in pain,

Dear god I know I am the son of god,

Like me all are the sons of god,

Then why there is a pain.

Till I understand the world,

I assume that I had no pains in my life,

But when I try to understand the things,

I realized that I don’t alone has the pain,

Rather every person in this beautiful world,

This world is beautiful,

But it looks hell,

When one starve for anything,

Because everything in this nature is created by you,

But we humans fight for it and even kill ourselves,

Oh god why there is no peace in this world,

Tell me god,

I want to know,

I don’t know to whom to question,

I don’t have any best friend,

Who can answer me the best then you,

God I cannot even cry in front of my parents,

Otherwise they will break,

I don’t even cry in front of you,

Because I have to be the hope of billons,

I can only ask you to make me courage,

To give me strength, power,

To come up with every obstacles,

God I have to be brave front,

Otherwise how could I will be the idol for my child and society,

Since this life is given by you,

I have to live till I can breath,

doing the charity and goodness for you with my entire heart,

for all loving and brothers around me.

Finally ‘Ashoka’ got down in his knees and looked at the sky and bow his head to the great almighty. With a hope that he will be answered the entire question. He remembered his mother and regret because of her pain for his son. He knows that his mother does not worry much for him and his youngest brother rather for the younger. But he also knows that nothing is in his hand rather he can only pray to god for the goodness in life.

‘Ashoka’ had the dinner with feeding his lovely daughter and wife and then he switched on the television. Where he was watching the ancient history associated with gods. He did not understand that why there was such communication gap that it is difficult to understand the portraits and culture of ancient history. He then switched off the television and connected to the internet in his laptop researching the further regarding the Ancient history and soon he came across the portrait in which he finds the sun spreading the ten rays with a small family along their kids who are looking up at the bright sun. It looked strange to ‘Ashoka’, he did not understand the meaning of such old portrait and with that suspense he went to the bed for sleep.

The day begun again with dawn,

Spreading the lights all around,

‘Ashoka’ got up hearing the murmuring,


sweet voices of birds,

he then picked up the newspaper,

and was strange to read,

he did not believed that how far one can go against humanity,

the neighbor country had exploded the bomb,

killing many and many gets orphan,


but ‘Ashoka’ gets nothing in his mind,

he touched the picture of the kid in the paper,

who was sitting alone in the destructive place,

in between the abandoned area,

being hunger,


wrapped in dirty clothes,

soon a water dropped off making the picture wet,

he looked at the sky at the glowing sun,

and asked god,

what is this what people get destroying the home of one,

look this kid,

he is small,

he had life ahead to live,

but he had none now to live with him,

he had lost his parents,

brothers and sisters,

then for whom he will live for,

he don’t have anyone know to be happy on him,

see god how cruel people are,

they left him alone after the attack,

with no food and shelter,

‘Ashoka’ cried haphazardly escaping away from his baby and wife,

Since he don’t want to show them up his kindness,

Because he knows the world filled of many cruel,

Who are not humans rather devils,

And he wanted them to be strong to face anything strongly,

But he asked god if this is your world,

Then why people hesitate and kill each other for food.

The whole day he was sad. His wife did not understand about what happened to him. While he kept smiling for his daughter giving all time she needed. But before going to bed he noticed the Ancient Portrait once again trying to get the clue but was unable and finally he prayed god and requested to  let him know the secret about the portrait.

The night was horrible,

He observed himself,

With broken plates,

Striving for food and shelter,

He did not get that why,

He got sudden poor,

And was in such bad condition,

He looked worried,

worried and worried,

throughout the dream,

but when he got up,

he sat down on the bed for a while,

trying to understand the meaning of life,

through the early nightmare,

he recollected every step,

and then with his will power,

he realized that god had disclosed him a secret which he requested last night,

he then come to the conclusion,


‘Ashoka’ understood the life can be better if one works hard,

Because no one gets much in free than working hard,

It grows one to any limit,

the way one want,

Since the work is the service to the god.

‘Ashoka’ got smile in his face,

His wife was happy now,

As she can find the brightness in his face,

He soon knee down,

Thanking god.

Challenging involves daily,

Billions involves in challenging,

Each second, each minute, each hour, each day,

Each breath of life,

Person earns due to hard work,

The hard work which deserves for one,

The hard word which deserves for the family,

The hard work which is for the society,

The hard work which for the charity,

The hard work for the welfare and care of old parents,

The hard work which rewards peace on earning.

‘Ashoka’ the man like many believe in god,

he know in the entire universe the ultimate power exists,

which is called ‘God’,

but he never understand that why there is sorrow in his presence in his kingdom,

he gets upset,

loose temper,

whenever he come across any critical cases like rape,theft,cheating,frauds e.t.c in the society,

he wanted to kill them up,

but he knew he alone cannot solve the issue,

because if he do so,

then there are many to support the opposition party,

instead of supporting the fact,

his eyes burns,

turns red,

when he does not sleep,

being lost in the thought for the betterment of the society,

he looks at every citizen,

who are none,

but the person like him,

some are rich and some are poor,

but everyone are like him,

like him everyone,

being called by some name,

with only one identity of human.

‘Ashoka’ prayed,

Before going to bed,

Thanking god for giving him the wonderful day,

Glimpse the portrait in his mind deeply,

And soon got lost in the unconscious sleep,

As he was sincere with the clean heart,

The “god’ was always with him,

Though the God  don’t appear physical for him,

The god was ready to let him understand the second secret of life,

And then ‘Ashoka’ got in horrible nightmare again,

struggling himself during the sleep,

when he moved to the party along with his small family,

he found himself to be trapped with the alcoholics and bad groups,

who were irritating him,

‘Ashoka’ knew that he is not of that kind,

But he did not get that why he got in such trouble,

Rather it is God who knows what is going on,

Since he wanted to teach ‘Ashoka’ the real and peaceful meaning of life,

The night break,

dawn entered making a sweet noise,

‘Ashoka’ opened the eyes with a fear,

Soon he got happy when he saw his baby and wife resting on bed,

But soon worried again,

When he got remembered about the dream,

He did not,

That why he got such dream,

With the increased heart beat,

He caught his hand for the peace,

Looking at the god,

Being nervous,

In moist eye,

Later he realized that as he believes in God,

There will never harm to him,

Rather God has given him the message,

soon he concluded in happiness,

that God has declared the second message,

the second secret,


he understood to be always away from such groups,

because no one knows,

that what kind of people involves in a group.

‘Ashoka’ stated the day again with a inner happiness,

Thanking god,

With a smile,

For him,

For god,

For his baby and wife,

For the billions in the society.

‘Ashoka’ was busy in his office,

But suddenly his colleague reached him,

With a termination letter,

And was expecting the same for getting from ‘Ashoka’,

Since they were not confirmed the job by order,

He was feared,


About what will happen if he loose the job,

He spoke silently,

No I had not got any letter,

‘Ashoka’ was in pain,

And he could see the pain in his colleague’s eyes also,

He waited,

Move to the officer for the confirmation,

Taking the name of the god,

Saying I am your child,

Save me from obstacles,

Otherwise I will be no where,

With no hope for my love beings,

I am just here because I love this job,

My baby is small,

My wife love me,

I have to help others,

At least a little through my salary

God please,

I am terrified,

I am in fear,

Help me,

Do the justice for what I do,

With a inner heart,

For the welfare of this billions,

Who are in pain,


Because ultimately we are the son of God,

I do because,

Iam also your Son,

The rest are my brother and sisters,

Whether they are in slum, Posch areas e.t.c,


But it doesn’t matter me,

Since I know what you had thought,

Not to hate anyone,

God I love every,

Every species in this world,

God do the justice,

I am in extreme fear,

As ‘Ashoka’ entered for the clarification,

The officer boss said,

that his colleague is fired due to the departmental isuue,

while ‘Ashoka’ was not since he had a positive performance,

even when his job was not confirmed,

‘Ashoka’ thanked the god,

With his inner heart,

But at the same moment.

He did not forgotten to help his colleague,

‘Ashoka’ remained with him,

For the courage,

For the guidance of new direction,

Asking god to help the one need,

Before closing the eyes,

On the bed,

‘Ashoka’ thanked the god once again,

And then he looked at his baby and wife,

Who were dependent on him,

‘Ashoka’ realized that he had to earn,

Earn and have to be sure,

With the job,

To give the better life to his love beings,

He understood he have to earn more even,

To help others,

At least a little,

To bring the smiles in the face of billions who are in tears,

‘Ashoka’ asked God,

If he can think of billions,

Then why don’t others think,

Because If he think of one,

And other too,

Then the whole world will turn into joy one day.

As the night was grewing,

‘Ashoka’ felt sleep,

Thinking of the Portrait,

But the God eye was on him,

As he slept the god,

Touched his head,

Taking him to the beautiful place,

Where ‘Ashoka’ find himself,

Beside the hill,

In a beautiful garden,

Where he can see,

All kind of people,

Who were in trouble by some means,

‘Ashoka’ look at those people,

Among which some are orphans, disease e.t.c,

But he did not forgot his work,

He moved to them,

In the huge crowd,

Prepared the juice from the herbs,

Putting on the wounds to heal,

Dropping the med clinical juice in the mouth,

With a hope to turn every healthy,

But as he was helping others,

His heart melted,

He got moist,

And cried out suddenly,

He don’t know who was watching him,

But he kept doing his job,

As service is to service to god,

But suddenly an old man touched him,

When ‘Ashoka’ looked at him,

got reminded of his father,

Who stays far in the small town,

‘Ashoka’ got moist,

He took the herb and squeezed over the wound,

And suddenly he broke in tears,

In the remembrance of his father,

Holding the leg of the old man,

The old man holds him,

And said “BELIEVE IN GOD”,

And moved away,

Getting the wound healed,

And the billions who were there in pain,

Followed the old man,

Being cured with the herb and juice,

Moving away from the hill,

While ‘Ashoka’ remained standing alone,

Realized that ‘the god can do the miracle,

If one believed in him completely,

And that was the third message which god disclosed to ‘Ashoka’ for the peaceful life,

‘Ashoka’ also understood that because of believing in god,

His job too got saved last day.

In evening when ’Ashoka’ was out,

For a official trip in a train,

He noticed a boy who was looking up for the need,

Soon “Ashoka’ called him,

Giving a place to seat,

And felt his heart warm and blessed,

That guy was silent,

‘Ashoka” understood and he communicated to him,

In a friendly manner,

Like he is his younger brother,

And soon the boy breaks in tears,

In the love of great ‘Ashoka’,

Who Is a billionaire by heart,

And the boy said,

That he got cheated from one of the passenger now,

When he was looking for the change for some bread and butter at the gate,

Where one stranger asked convincing him to bring the change,

But did not returned back,

The boy was silent,

‘Ashoka’ understood that the boy has to cover the large distance,

But he was quiet as he was not sure of getting help,

But ‘Ashoka’ knew the secret,

As the god was with him,

He have the capability to wipe billion tears,

Soon ‘Ashoka’ purchased the water and food for the boy,

To have the stomach full satisfaction,

And then he lied on the berth,

With the thought of portrait,

Thinking about the mystery of the fourth ray,

The train whistles getting in the dark path,

Moving in the white fog,

Giving ‘Ashoka’ a peaceful sleep,

Where a old man came again,

And ‘Ashoka’ broke in tears once again,

Getting the remind of his beloved father once more,

He whipped,

Touching the old man,

And hugged him deeply,

And suddenly the old man,

Whispered in his ear,


And got disappeared suddenly,

‘Ashoka’ opened his eyes crying in pain,

And he found himself in train,

Soon he realized that he was in dream,

He got up and sat down,

Missing the love of his father,

And then he looked at the boy,

Who was sleeping seating at the corner of seat,

‘Ashoka’ checked the time in the watch,

Took the pen,


On the thousand rupee currency,

And placed it in the pocket of the boy,

Covering him with a blanket he had,

And got down in the next station,

The early dawn welcomed ‘Ashoka’,

He was happy that how god is helping him in learning the secret of life,

And he truly believed if one has faith in god than nothing is impossible.

While returning from the trip in a train,

‘Ashoka’ was sitting quiet,

Peeping out of window,

Being lost in the deep thoughts,

And suddenly he felt sleep,

And he noticed the old man again,

Who was seating facing ahead covered in blanket,

‘Ashoka’ moved to him with an eager,

And turned,

The old man smiled and left the spot,

Going up in the sky,

Leaving his blanket on the ground,

‘Ashoka screamed,

Said dear where you are going,

Come back,

Come back,

I cannot live without you,

You are the hope for billions,

And like you I have to be the hope for many,

‘Ashoka’ kept on whipping,

 the old man waved back,

Twinkled and converted into a bright star,

‘Ashoka’ got up being strange in panic,

As he don’t want to lose any one,

He then sat silent finding the meaning of the last dream,

And he remembered the historical portrait,

In which the fifth rays of sun is the last,

From top to bottom,

And finally he comes to the conclusion that “THE LIFE HAS TO END ONE DAY”,

Whatever the matter is it in this world.


Getting down from train,

When ‘Ashoka’ stood for the cab,

A lady stood with a new born baby ahead,

Asking something,

Baby must need to feed,

But for it her mother have to be healthy and have good food,

‘Ashoka’ thought looking at them with pity,

He looked here and there,

And then silently he took them to the restaurant,

Make her take the seat,

With no hesitation,

Bravely ordered the food for the her,

While everyone was looking at him with killing eyes,

But he did not bothered,

As he not committing any crime,

The lady got tears in her eyes,

And folded her hand,

But soon ‘Ashoka’ left the spot,

Paying the bill,

And then he walked away hurriedly

After few moments,

He stepped in the restaurant again,

The lady was having a meal peaceful,

Keeping her new born baby aside,

Who was cute,

Was in needs of extra care,

As she finished the meal and washed her hands,

Wiping her mouth with a pallu,

‘Ashoka’ handover her the bag,

The lady accepted the bag being strange,

And when she opened it,

She found a pair of dress for her and a baby,

And she broke into tears,

Falling on the feet of great ‘Ashoka’,

the hall applauded with claps and he got many likes and appreciation.

That day was one of the best day for ‘Ashoka’

As the world has tuned back to notice who he is,

He was happy,

The moment was even telecasted in news,

His family too felt proud of him,

And he considered as one of the ‘National Hero’,

That night was hard for ‘Ashoka’ to get sleep,

He tried hard,

But till late night he was struggling to get sleep,

As the happiness lies within,

And if one is happy than none wants anything,

But he did not forgot to thanked god,

Being conscious he remembered god being on his knees,

And thanked a lot for whatever he is,

It is just because of him,

And then he rested on the bed,

Remembering the portrait,

The night was passing and during the early dawn,

With the rise of sun,

A new born baby came to him from the sky with an angel,

And he let the baby sat on his lap,



And touching with love,

He looked at the sky,

And the star twinkled bright,

But suddenly he got pushed from back by someone,

And when he opened the eyes,

He found that he was dreaming,

And it not took much time for ‘Ashoka’ to understand that,

The new message is “THE NEW PHASE OF LIFE”,

Which starts after every ending.

The helping nature of ‘Ashoka’,

Lead him to the growth,

He was recognized by many,

He was nominated for awards,

And he could not believed that,

How he got such popularity,

With one help to one,

And then by the public on him,

By sharing his deeds,

But even now he did not understand one thing,

That if people can help one to grow to any height,

Then why don’t one come ahead to support,

The Billions of people are in tears,

They will get helped,

A new hope for them will be generated,

If we share with our brothers and sisters of this world,

There will be no greediness,

There will be no cheating,

There will be no politics,

The only thing will be remain is the love,

If we move ahead,

To share our food with others,

Share our small income at least,

or to share whatever one can do with their will,

that day ‘Ashoka’ had a peaceful sleep,

where he dream about the ‘Success’,

and the next day he concluded that,

the seventh message of god is the “SUCCESS”.

‘Ashoka’ decided to make more charity works,

He started working for the new group,

To help billions,

Since they are his brothers and sisters,

While some old are like mother and fathers,

Who are to be helped,

And in need of son like great ‘Ashoka’,

The great international hero,

‘Ashoka’ did not had the much time with him now,

He was busy,

Busy to help billion,

To wipe billion tears,

He is the spark,

He is one who ignited the fire in many,

many joined him and the fire gets flamed largely,

To wipe the billion tears,

‘Ashoka’ know that he don’t have to look back,

He have to move ahead,

As it is because of the will of the god,

He is getting guide,


Moving in the right directionally positively with his name.

‘Ashoka’ never forget even being busy,

He gave all his time to his family even,

As they are his love and loves him much,

He had the dinner peacefully,

And went to the bed,

Kidding his baby till she felt sleep,

‘Ashoka’ stood prayed being on his knees,

And asked god to help him more,

For the billion brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers,

Who were in tears,

He then eyed at the portrait,

Looking at the seven ray of the sun,

That night ‘Ashoka’ dreamed about the beautiful, gorgeous ‘Red Rose’,

Which symbolize the spiritual, love and care,

‘Ashoka’ understood this secret,

which points  “BONDING” for being peaceful.

‘Ashoka’ was very thankful to god,

For sharing the precious secrets to him,

But still ‘Ashoka’ was answerless,

He was answerless to many questions,

When he come across the brutals, sinners,

And many awkward who welcomes panic to society,

‘Ashoka’ recoolect all the seven secrets,

But experience he feels,

That the world is with many bad peoples,

Among which they are many who does not want even a sincere to help and motivate other for goodness,

Also there are many who does not want other to grow,

‘Ashoka’ knew that because of such people only there was a cry,

Cry which brings the tears in many billions,

Even when we all are brothers and sisters,

The son and daughter of god,

The one who reasoned for evolution,

By his grace and service to love,

By the day grew dark,

Having a dinner,

‘Ashoka’ once again stood at the portrait,

To learn the second last secret from the eight ray,

And that night a child came to him,

Looking him deeply,

With a shy attitude,

Touching his face,

With love,

And said try to “UNDERSATND”,

‘Ashoka’ was happy,

Thanked god as soon as he got up,

And he then looked at his baby,

With a smile,

Trying to understand at his level best,

As without a good understanding nothing is possible,

The nine secrets were revealed

And “Ashoka” was very eager to know the last and final,

He waited all the day thinking what would be the tenth one,

But he knows that he had to wait and see,

What miracle the ray bring to him,

That night he noticed a poor boy in a dream,

Who was alone in this world,

Being in torn clothes,

With curly hairs,

The one who don’t have the soap to wash his face,

Detergent to wash his clothes,

Extra clothes to cover the body,

Rather being in hope,

Looking at the sky that one day,

The god will help him with everything,

Which he don’t have today,

That boy knows there are billions like him,

Who are in pain, tears,

Then why should he fear,

He treated this nature as his home,

Were he got plenty of water to drink from rivers, ponds,wells,

Fruits from the plants,

Cereals from land,

Potatoes from the underground,

He worked hard all the day,

Earns from his will,

From the nature,

Treat god as his father and mother,

But gets in tears when he finds others rejecting him,

Even because of no fault,

He knew that he is a simple boy,

Like others,

But like them,

Just because he don’t have good clothes and look,

As he was poor,

But “Ashoka” can see the pain in his heart,

As he was true to humanity,

He walked to the boy silently,

With a crying heart,

And then he asked,

Dear brother how you will alone with nothing,

Looking deeply then the boy looked at him with a smile,

said I “Manage”and hugged “Ashoka” crying severely,

soon “Asshoka” took him in his lap,

wipe his tears,

hugged him deeply,

being cried,

that was the last secret to”Ashoka”,

the tenth ray really had the magic of miracle,

if one learn to “Manage” the things.

“Ashoka” thanked god sincerely with his heart,

He prayed with all his devotion,

Believing completely that one day there will be goodness in this nature,

When every person will move ahead for the betterment,

“Ashoka” believed completely on self,

In following the words and direction of god,

The day kept on pasing,

But the cruelty of people did not end in the society,

None of the day left,

Where he did not come across any issues against humanity,

Self respect,

Respect for women,

Care for old,

Love for child,

He got fed up with life,

He know that he had the secret to change the world,

But he did not understand,

That why he was unable,

He did not get and ask himself,

Is that the evil power is much more stronger?,

But each and after every question,

He comes to the conclusion,

That “NO”,

It cannot be,

It is the world of God,

The evil are only the negative power,

Who cannot do any good,

“Ashoka” had the confident in him,

And being tired with lot of questions in mind,

He went to the bed early,

And he thought that why there is cruelty,

In the society with the kids,

Who have been raped by teacher, driver, staff,

He did not understand,

Why the politician snatch the feedings of poors,

He did not understand,

Why the huge sanctioned amounts is never success to clean the poverty,

He did not understand,

Why people sell their own body parts,

For the sake of life,

Why we the people are cheating each other,

He did not get that why we have lost the faith in other,

Why the people fell to any limit,

For the need,

“Ashoka” was heartless with all this thoughts,

And he don’t know when he felt slept,

But after few minutes,

He got disturbed,

Where his wife complain him about the big bang behind their apartment,

But “Ashoka” did not entertained,

 As he was tired,

And because his wife used to speak like this occasionally

he closed the door switching off the lights,

went to the bed again,

Narrating a story to the baby till she felt sleep,

And he thought about the “Slum” which was behind his apartment,

He remember the people of there,

He knows that many hate them,

Just because the people of slum are not rich,

He knows that people like to keep them for work like cleaning, sweeping e.t.c,

Rather loving them,

“Ashoka” understand that there are many classes in this society,

And every one ranks and categorized each other by that ratings,

But why,

He does not understands,

Even when all are humans,

He does not understand why there is no common thinking in every,

Rather understanding that it could not be possible to survive for every,

But he thinks if it is so in real,

Then why there is difference in intelligence,

When everyone has got the mind,

To take right decision

To think for the best,

And suddenly he felt slept.

Later he was awaken by his wife,

He did not get what she was doing in late night,

But “Ashoka” was shocked,

When he heard the words about the slum behind,

He ran out jumping the gate,

In the nicker,

Breathing heavely,

In the dark,

For the life of kids,

Who were killed in the mishap,

“Ashoka” was wordless when he noticed the lorry,

Over the boundary wall,

They were many,

In the spot,

There were police,




Everyone doing their own job,

But there was also the mother of the boy who was killed,

No one knew that how many killed,

As the mishap had abandoned the area vary badly,

Being braking the wall and the hut,

Where the crowd screamed for the three lives,

“Ashoka” remembered his wife,

He thought if I would have been there,

The he would have killed the dunked driver,

Who took the live,

The public got arrogant,

Targeted the police and politicians with the stone,

In which many got injured,

While there was one lady who was continuously screaming,

for his ten year old son,

who got lost suddenly from the sight,

when his neighbor sent to bring the sugar packet from the store,

“Ashoka” returned back to his apartment,

Joined his wife and other at the terrace,

Who were watching at the incident,

Where many neighbor ladies were found crying,

As he understand the reason very well,

That everyone had a family,

And there are billion tears in this world,

“Ashoka” did not what to do,

He thinks of his baby,

He thinks of billion,

 who have family,

He thinks of billion,

 who were in pain,

He thinks of all those

Who have billion tears,

All he would and other could see from the terrace is the only pain,

Where the mother of the son,

Fell on the feet of the police,

And said “Saheb mere beta la do”,

The police too tuned moist with his head down,

As he cannot do anything,

Rather giving aaswasan,

Soon the new group of soldiers marched out from the vehicle,

When the situation found uncontrolled,

And the force stood with the rap,

While the crane moved ahead to pull the lorry back,

Soon the public screamed when they found the body under the wall,

The driver who was beaten severely was taken under the custody of police,

“Ashoka with his wife could see the incident,

And all the ladies cried out loudly,

His wife holds his hand tightly in pain,

He too cried with pain,

As he don’t want o lose any,

Because everyone is like his own,

He stood crying till the crowd disappeared,

With the final judgment of police,

Declaring about the only one live lost,

He moved to his room,

He did not get why all such happens,

And he did not get why the young live lost,

Who even had not known this world properly,

He moved to the terrace again finding his wife in sleep,

He looked at the spot where there were few publics,

Who might be neighbors and relatives of the lost boy,

He looked at the sky in the dark,

Looking at sky,

For the god,

He know the god is watching everything,

Then why such things happens,

He was in pain,

He was afraid about the future,

Because he too had a baby,

And like him many,

“Ashoka” was in pain and he waited at the terrace,

In pain for the lost live,

Till three early morning,

And then he looked at the sky being answerless,

With a hope,

And asked,

God why the live of a young boy has been taken away,

He was so young to learn and see this world,

But he is no more,

But till “Ashoka” would have turned back,

The god appeared in the sky,

And said Dear son,

I had not taken the live of the young boy,

It is the driver,

who was drunk severely that he was unable to control his vehicle,

And the young boy got targeted,

I made this beautiful nature for you people to live peacefully,

Providing all the needs,

So that none of you will fight and snatch anything,

Rather sharing everything equally,

But it is all the greediness of the people all around the world,

Who kills others for wealth,

Sometimes for health,

I see they are not Human,

Because a real human never perform such action,

Rather he loves every beings,

And moves along with them,

In all good and bad situations,

I made this beautiful nature,

Where there is nothing less,

Everywhere you find the resources to use and live peacefully,

But the greedy people have weighted it with money,

The money which can only buy materials,

But not the actual love,

If you see the world is beautiful,

I know you agree with this,

But what about others who are just selfish,

They don’t know to do charity work,

As they don’t considers others their own,

I don’t made the trucks, alcohols,ego, arrogance in any,

Rather I made every a human,

But it is the people who make such materialistic things,

To earn,

Sometimes by cheating, bluffing,

And almost many are dependent on it,

Fulfilling their needs,

There is also a life,

Without all those things,

You remember my dreams,

The secret of rays right,

The one who don’t have nothing,

They too live in this society,

Because they treat this beautiful nature as their home,

But one one had turned greedy,

Because everyone wants to fulfill their wishes,

It is good to make the wish turn true,

But what if can take the live of one,

I created all this things,

It is all made by you people,

Remember my words ”the god said”,

And soon “Ashoka” fell in the feet of god crying haphazardly,

He know it is all their foolishness,

Which reason for no peace at all,

“Ashoka” too did not understand,

That why money had become such importance,

That because of which one takes the live of other,

Cheats, frauds, breaking in relationships e.t.c takes place,

“Ashoka” did not had sleep that night,

And as soon as the night break,

He went to the slum,

And waited for the body of the young boy,

which was taken for the postmortem,

where he could not see the mother of the victim,

as she had lost his lovable boy,

who used to call her mama,

and he cannot judge that how his mother will live and will have food without him,

“Ashoka” was standing quiet in the corner of the street,

And suddenly the ambulance stopped,

And the mother of the boy screamed running towards the ambulance,

The one who had never thought of this day,

The public got in tears,

The news was telecasted live,

And when the body was taken out of vehicle wrapped in the white cloth,

The billions tears got shed,

The mother cried hugging his son on the ground,

Who don’t want o live him,

As he was close to his heart,

The only hope to live for,

The mother kept weeping,

Weeping and weeping,

But the live did not retuned,

It is just because of the fault of one,

Who was drunk,

And they are many in this world,

Who make such things,

If everyone would have been in control,

Being responsible,

Then there was no chance of this or any mishap,

The body was then placed at bamboo bed,

Carried by four,

Others moving along with,

“Ashoka” too ran with the body,

Touched the bamboo bed,

To let go with it,

For the last touching,

And finally they reached the graveyard,

For the funeral,

He weep,

As the boy will not present physically,

He looked at the sky,

Thanking god,

For only one lost live,

While others two expected were saved,

Because of very sharp escape,

And then the boy was buried in the ground,

The one who responsible for the billion smile,

Shed the billion tears.

But “Ashoka” did not forget his service,

He keep on doing his best,

Made many charity,

With the group,

Which was emerging like anything day by day with him,

Due to the support and love of god,

To fulfill the dreams of billions,

They distributed the food,



And crackers in every occasion,

Involving with the brothers,

And sisters,

Fathers and mothers,

Like a family,

They moved to bind the family,

Encouraged to live with the family together,

Because loneliness is the only reason to invite the evilness,

The evil mind makes one to do devil works,

The rape,









All this comes when one is alone,

They succeed in making family to bind together,

Make the widows to marry again with their choice of partners,

Letting away the old traditional thoughts,

They made every child educate to whom they reach,

They generate the hope to live,

To the victim of suicides,

They worked best to unite the nations,

They succeed many to understand the only cast of humanism,

They succeed everyone understanding about the no difference between black and white,

They also make every to believe in only one almighty,

That is god,

They become the hope of billions,

Because the god was with them,

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