Our Approach

Our motivation is to approach people round the world and to help and motivate them to stand positively.

At least we are all humans, the only perfect species in the universe that can understand and act; also it is clear now that the habits of humans can be balanced very easily.

Anyhow today we people are living untruthfully, just as we can say that we are not as real as we want to be, because we are pressurised and speedily keep on adopting a materialistic nature instead of following the laws of nature which were described in the great religious books

Our Story

Today the busy world has taught us to run with it. Of course we should run with it, but we are losing the actual source of energy and the consciousness. The energy here is not the coal or uranium. The consciousness is not the matter of earning with lot of loads and even if one could not have a peaceful sleep. ‘If so than this is not a life but a life of slavery‘