A glimpse into Vedas

‘Sam-Veda’ is the collection of mantras and it is sung with the sweet tone. Which deserves for the seven tunes available in nature and it proofs that these seven tunes are capable to make the miracle. Aryans are the origins of the Vedas because this is how the Aryans who had survived in north arctic 10,000 BC had understand the value of nature and these knowledge is kept alive from generations to generations. * Vedas is a sacred message. Many mythological philosophers believe that it is the message oriented by the god and when one follows it finds the truth, peace, liberty (Moksha). Because in the ‘Holy Gita’, (10/22), the lord Shri Krishna said that he is ‘Sam-Veda’ among the Vedas. In Sam-Veda many of the mantras are the collection of Rig-Veda. It has many branches with it but according to ‘Muktikopanishad’ it is said that the Rig-Veda has 21 branches, Yajur-Veda has 109, Sama- Veda has 1000 and Athar-Veda has 50 with above 100000 verses but only 20,023 is available now among the four.In the ‘Yaga’ or ‘Yajanas’ the offerings are made with the hymns, verses and prayers of the Vedas to the ‘Agni’ or‘Fire' and thus ...........................................................................................*See Arctic home of the Vedas in this way the message reaches to the god through the smoke generated which finally results in a fruitful rain and blessings. This is the way how nature is respected and how it deserves for respecting and gives a fruitful life by yielding plants and seeds which is the need of mankind, animal and for almost every creature in this world. The Vedas never failed in forgetting the importance of the nature. Whether one come up with Rig-Veda Yajur-Veda , Sam-Veda, Athar-Veda but in every scriptures we will find the importance of the ‘Fire’ (Agni), Soma, and ‘Indra’ and these three are the main characteristics of the Vedas because which gives the reason for the survival and tells how ‘Fire’, ‘Soma’ and ‘Indra’ are related to each other. As it is discussed that it has many branches and many verses but here the authors aim is to focus the main (verses) and important characteristics and to put it to the reader .Because in many verses the same characteristics are given with similar importance with various reasons and examples of our daily life associated with nature. So, rather discussing all those things which have the similar meaning, Author had put the actual meaning of Sam- Veda in a short brief with a conclusive result for the better understanding and welfare of the society.

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